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Asabiraki Suijin Junmai Okarakuchi 720ml

720ml  $32.00

The Ultimate Sake for during a meal. Rich, Potent & Super Dry. When you drink it with food, you will see the difference. It's called SUIJIN MAGIC!

Asabiraki Namburyu Densho Zukuri Daiginjo

300ml  $18.00

Nambu Toji (brew master) Masahiko Fujio's spirit infused, super clean, fruity & dry Daiginjo. Drink Cold Only.

Abashiri Premium Beer 330ml x 6bottles

330ml  $45.00

NEW ARRIVAL! Beautifully crafted 100% Hokkaido Ingredients fruity Pilsner beer with extra malty taste


650ml  $44.50

NEW DESIGNED BOTTLE! Choya in honey taste. Softer & Sweeter.

Saito Shuzo Otaka Tokubetsu Junmai Shu 720ml

720ml  $55.00

NEW ARRIVAL! Kyoto, Fushimi's premium brewer Saito Shuzo's original brand Otaka is back with its beautiful golden label & box. Great Gift Idea.

Asabiraki Namachozoshu Honjozo 180ml

180ml  $9.50

Summer Time Sake! Super Fresh & Fruity Cold Sake.


650ml  $44.50

NEW DESIGNED BOTTLE. Choya Shiso Basil flavour. Beautiful red color come out from Shiso basil

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