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Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #5 Aai Sparkling Sake Sparkling sake is a new style of sake enjoyment. It is like a sparkling wine, it is refreshing sake bubble with fruity & sweet taste.  Most of them are made from bottle fermentation so naturally carbonated by a power of yeast.  I... >>>

Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #4 Calando Kabosu Sake Calando is Japanese fruit liquor made from Kabosu fruit. Kabosu is an evergreen juicy citrus fruit closely related to Yuzu. It it is popular in Japan and often used for cooking such as mixed with vinegar or extra citrus juice for sashimi, grilled fis... >>>

Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #3 CHOYA 100th Anniversary Gift Box   CHOYA started its history back in 1914. This year is CHOYA's 100th Anniversary year and glad to see its still getting stronger every year. CHOYA always trust the quality is most important than eveything and that is why... >>>

Hello, Canberra!   Good news for people who has been waiting for the quality food and sake pairimg in Canberra!   Here comes a new big surprise, it is called HOTEL HOTEL! HOTEL HOTEL is a Hotel accomodation, restaurant, bar, cinema, cafe, salon and even goverment office!   Try thi... >>>

Hello, Sydney!   Good news for people who is into the fashion. Japan's most famous retail cloth store UNIQLO is now open in Sydney CBD Mid Town!   I was invited for the opening party and enjoyed a special cocktail made from CHOYA and Sake!     It was a mix of CHO... >>>

Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #2 Tateyama Junmai Daiginjo Amaharashi "Rain Stopper" Tateyama Shuzo is one of my all the time favorite sake brewers from Toyama prefecture, where it has Japanese Alps behind and great Japan Sea in front of. One of the reasons I really like this brewer is probabl... >>>

Dear Sake Japan Customers, Thak you very much for shopping at Sake Japan always.   We would like to offer you some small gifts from Sake Japan for your Christmas Shopping. 1. Free Baby Choya Umeshu 50ml small bottle (one bottle per an each order) 2. Free Organdie Gift Bag (one bag per $50 spend) Off... >>>

Sparkling Sake


Hello, We are right in a middle of Spring Racing Carnival in VIC.   Yes, Next Tuesday 4th NOV is a big day for everyone in Australia, annual Melbourne Cup Day! Here is a new idea to enjoy this Spring Carnival even more.   SPARKLING SAKE AAI - Just like champaign, this is bubbled sake with nice swee... >>>

Hello, Japanese Beer Fans Echigo Koshihikari Rice Lager - for its unique concpt and unforgattable clean & smooth flavor, it has become one of the most popular Japanese craft beers in Australia made from super premium Koshihikari rice grown in Niigata, Japan.  Due to its fast growing popularity, its been sold ou... >>>

Hi, Sake lovers! Surprisingly I know its already the end of OCT and Christmas is almost around the corner! Let`s keep working hard until December and when the holiday time comes, please take some time off and enjoy the imprtant moment by sipping sake with your friends and family. Now, myself as a Sake Master, I would li... >>>