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Supernormal is Chef Andrew McConnell's new asian inspired restaurant in Flinders Lane, Melbourne.    The other day, I have visited there at the lunch time with Choya Officials. Even at 1:30pm, there were still more 80% full. Busy!!   we have tried one of thier signature cocktail "UME... >>>

IZAKAYA - where people sitting around bar counter and small tables, sipping sake, nibbling Otsumami (small bar food) and talking about whatever happened. Izakaya is very imporatant communicty place for not only Japanese but also Australian nowadays! There are 2 TOKYO Izakaya opened recently in town.   1. Tokyo ... >>>



CHOYA - from Osaka, Japan. Over 100 years, CHOYA produce quality Umeshu (ume fruits liquor) for Japan & the world. This year, CHOYA has achived to produce 100% Organic Umeshu. For your health life.                                ... >>>

A good new found Sake! Fukucho Junmai Ginjo "MOON ON THE WATER" This is a beautiful big aromatic, clean, fruity yet dry ending Junmai Ginjo sake from the premium sake brewery in Hiroshima Imada Shuzo Typical Hiroshima style sake but it has more roundness in a flavour. The fact is the brew master of thi... >>>

Hi, Last night, I had a special guest at Maedaya all the way from Sydney. Hong san!   It has been a while since we met in Double Bay for the Sake Master Class early last year.     I will note what you guys had last night.. just in case you may forgot ! as I said, not all of them are a... >>>

Japan's whisky pioneer SUNTORY's most loved whisky KAKUBIN, meaning the Square Bottle, is finally available at Sake Japan! For Japanese, KAKUBIN is the name for whisky for over 60 years. It is malt & grain blend whisky and it has quite well balanced taste profile with keeping the originla taste of Japanese whisk... >>>

  Australian summer now!  Hot summer days are still coming up. There is a new way to enjoy sake in these hot days. Its Frozen Sake!   Simply leave sake bottle in a freezer over a night and sake bottle should get frozen. (of course, it depends on the temperature of your freezer. it should be at lea... >>>

Dear Sake Lovers, I hope everyone had a great christmas and new year time. Melbourne is getting warmer again for tomorrow and Thursday. It may hit 36 degrees and we will be all melted by heat! In a hot summer time, drinking COLD FRUITY SAKE will be a good solution. Here is my favorite FRUITY, SEMI DRY, COLD SAKE... >>>

Dear Sake Japan Customers,   Happy New Year to you! Thank you very much for all your support last year. in this new year 2015, Sake Japan will promise to continuously provide more and more about Japanese Sake to Australia. We believe Sake will give you extra pleasure and happyness to your life. Lets... >>>

Hello, Sake Lovers! I hope you had a good Christmas with yoru families and friends. You must be just recovering from the biggest easting and drinking day of the year! (Yes, I am. Indeed) 2014 is almost ending and 2015 is just around the corner. In Japan, we drink Sake in new year.  In new year ceremony, peo... >>>