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Good News for Sake Japan Customers, have you ever seen this below? This is a Japanese Ice Cube maker (mold) which Suntory make it for whisky drinkers only! You fill the mold with water and leave it in a freezer over a night.  You can easily make a perfect ice cube for your Yamazaki whisky!! The good ne... >>>

Sake Locker!


  At Sake & Grill Maedaya in Richmond VIC, there are some lockers epecially for your sake to be kept. They are called SAKE LOCKER! You can order a bottle sake or shochu, drink some then store the rest into this locker until your next visit. This kind of bottle keeping service is quite common in Japan. ... >>>

Hi, Sake & Grill MAEDAYA (400 Bridge Rd, Richmond, VIC) is having 8th Anniversary this wednesday 14th April. We are having Yakitori x 2 & Kirin Beer for $8 special as well as Kizakura Warm Sake Special for 3 days only from 13th to 15th. If you are nearby during the period, please try to come by and say hello... >>>



Akachochin - It is a symbol of Japanese Izakaya. Most of Izakaya in Japan hangs Akachochin (RED LANTERN) at the shop front. Akachochin - located in Southbank, Melbourne, quality modern izakaya style restaurant run by over 20 years experienced chef  Mr. Kengo Hiromatsu (ex-Nobu, Taxi Dining, Misuzu etc) A wide range... >>>

Japanese man loves Shochu.  They drink Shochu with ice, sometimes with ice and water when they are having dinner. (some people drink it with lunch too!) Shochu is Japanese traditional distilled spirit made from barley, sweet potato, corn, brown sugar etc. a lot of different ingredients. Here I introduce one of ... >>>

Winter time has come and we love dark beer more.. Asahi's signature Dry & Crisp is still succeeded in this new style bark lager. Try the new asahi dry black!   ... >>>

Here comes a new Ramen & Izakaya opening in Melb! Ikkoryu Ramen - Corner Russel St & Lt Flinders Lane downstairs. Opening Wed 1 Apri.       ... >>>

Establishment of “Honkaku (authentic)” umeshu CHOYA would like to inform that Japan Spirits & Liqueurs Makers Association has established the voluntary standards for description of “Honkaku (authentic)” umeshu (本格梅酒in Japanese) on 23rd Jan. 2015. The producer can use “Honkaku” for... >>>

When its getting cold, I start thinking about three. Red Wine, Warm Sake and Japanese Whisky. Suntory is the pioneer of Japanese whisky and it is getting better and better every year. At Sake Japan, we have 3 Suntory whiskies are available right now. • Yamazaki – the original Japanese whisky and Sunto... >>>

  Transformer - New Vegetarian venue in Fitzroy, 99 Rose St.     Lucky and his team, from the legendary Vegie Bar in Brunswick St, are starting a brand new restaurant right behind the Vegie Bar. Just opened this weekend, the team has already a few ideas. A couple selected premium sake suc... >>>