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  Kobe Brewery Limited Version of Kirin Ichibanshibori - using local grown Yamadanishiki Sake Rice!!       ... >>>

  The Sake of Sake - Rihaku, located in Shimane prefecture where Sake was born 2000 years ago. The original style.            ... >>>

Kizakura, Kyoto, Fushimi   Old Tools for Sake Brewing     traditional style Sake Pressing Bath called "Boat"         ... >>>

 I am back in Japan for this week!  A lot of new things are here!!   Kita Akita Daiginjo - beautiful fruit aromatic medium rich bodied sake     KIRIN BITTERS - 8% ALC, bitter tasted lemon lime bitters Chu Hi with Non Sugar!! Brand New! ... >>>

  Visiting Tokyo Tina  Here are some pictures of Food & Interior of Tokyo Tina! Pretty sexy in there!         ... >>>

  One of the best Yakiniku BBQ restaurant in Sydney! Rengaya  Samurai   Fresh Lime Chu-High!     Wagyu Premium Beef ! ... >>>

Hey, Sydney! if you are looking for a great charcoal grilled skewer place (Yakitori - Ya), try this shop called CHACO BAR   CHACO BAR 238 Crown t, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 Phone:(02) 9007 8352 ... >>>

  Have you heard about KONG in Richmond, VIC? Its a new venue run by the Lucas Group, famous for Chin Chin in Flinders Lane.   They menu is a modern fusion of Korean, Japanese & Australian. You can enjoy Spicy Chicken Wings with cold Asahi on tap, or Soft Shell Crab Bao with Cold Japanese Sake... >>>

There is a pretty cool Yakitori Sake bar in Smith St, Collingwood. Its called Teriyaki Anarchy Sake!   Good Music, Good Yakitori Skewers & Good Sake (Demon Slayer!)     Try thier original invented Japanese BOSS CAN COFFEE MARTINI!   Teriyaki Anarchy Sake ... >>>

  We were at Sokyo, the Star in Sydney. tried a new sample of Choya Nigori Umeshu and made a quick cocktail creation.     sweet, sour & cute..   Nice One!!     ... >>>