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Establishment of “Honkaku (authentic)” umeshu CHOYA would like to inform that Japan Spirits & Liqueurs Makers Association has established the voluntary standards for description of “Honkaku (authentic)” umeshu (本格梅酒in Japanese) on 23rd Jan. 2015. The producer can use “Honkaku” for... >>>

When its getting cold, I start thinking about three. Red Wine, Warm Sake and Japanese Whisky. Suntory is the pioneer of Japanese whisky and it is getting better and better every year. At Sake Japan, we have 3 Suntory whiskies are available right now. • Yamazaki – the original Japanese whisky and Sunto... >>>

  Transformer - New Vegetarian venue in Fitzroy, 99 Rose St.     Lucky and his team, from the legendary Vegie Bar in Brunswick St, are starting a brand new restaurant right behind the Vegie Bar. Just opened this weekend, the team has already a few ideas. A couple selected premium sake suc... >>>



TSUJI ZENBEH JUNMAI KIMOTO YUME NISHIKI (TOCHIGI) Brand new sake from Tochigi prefecture.  Beautiful fruitty aroma, clean, rich body with dry crisp finish. High quality Junmai sake. Will be out from Sake Japan very shortly (with a very limited stock.)                 ... >>>

cho cho san


Cho Cho San - the latest modern Japanese tapas & sake bar. With a good range of Sake including Kizakura Kimoto Yamahai!! CALL  02 9331 6601 73 MACLEAY STREET POTTS POINT SYDNEY, NSW, 2011   Assorted Tapas dishes. good starters.   CHO CHO SAN style Karaage Chicken ! (Loo... >>>

Sake Reception


At 10 March 2015, we had an official Sake Lecture & Reception at Consul-General’s Official Residence in Rose Bay NSW. This is the first ever event we share the event with other 4 sake suppliers together. Actually, the guest looked really enjoying it so much. This is the great event.   Daiwa Food ... >>>

  Izumo Taisha - one of the most ancient and important Shinto shrines in Japan.   Located in Shimane Prefecture, south west of Honshu (main island), people in Japan believes every year in Oct, all Shinto gods are gathering around from all over Japan to meet up and discuss about the upcoming year's marridge... >>>

Deko Boko - a newly opened Japanese cafe in Richmond.   At dinner time, they serve a very unique Sake Cocktail Fresh Watermelon & Rapsberry Juice with a  Sake Shot ! Fresh watermelon juice is poured directly from watermelon! super refreshing & tasty Sake Cocktail. MUST TRY.   ... >>>

Supernormal is Chef Andrew McConnell's new asian inspired restaurant in Flinders Lane, Melbourne.    The other day, I have visited there at the lunch time with Choya Officials. Even at 1:30pm, there were still more 80% full. Busy!!   we have tried one of thier signature cocktail "UME... >>>

IZAKAYA - where people sitting around bar counter and small tables, sipping sake, nibbling Otsumami (small bar food) and talking about whatever happened. Izakaya is very imporatant communicty place for not only Japanese but also Australian nowadays! There are 2 TOKYO Izakaya opened recently in town.   1. Tokyo ... >>>