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Hello, Sake & Food lovers in Brisbane!   There is a brand new Japanese Izakaya style restaurant HANABISHI just opened in Bulimba. You may know about this name HANABISHI in the Barrack, but that restaurant is for Sushi mainly, but this restaurant is more varieties of food & sake matching!   ... >>>

#8 Yukinobosha


Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #8 Yukinobosha Junmai Daiginjo Limited Yukinobosha is the multi award winning sake brewer from Akita, North Japan. Since their trophy winning at 2011 International Wine Challenge in London by Junmai Daiginjo / Junmai Ginjo category, the brewer became so popular all aro... >>>

Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #7 Tatsuriki Daiginjo Blue Dragon Episode 1   TATSURIKI is all time my favorite brewer. I agree with thier strong policy of sake making, Good Sake should be made from Good Rice. TATSURIKI sake is all about Rice. The world best quality, The King of sake rice YA... >>>

Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #6 Echigo Koshihikari Beer Echigo Koshihikari Beer is Japanese craft beer brewed in Niigata, Japan. Niigata, located north of Japanese Alps, facing to the Japan Sea, is the one of the most famous region for high quality rice producing. Koshihikari rice is the premi... >>>

Hello, Brisbane!  Hello, Paddington!!   Have you heard about these guys Statler & Waldorf?    They are in Paddington, Caxton St, right next to the empire of Gamabaro.    Still quite a new venue, They are English style gastropub with Good food, good wine, a lot of be... >>>

Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #5 Aai Sparkling Sake Sparkling sake is a new style of sake enjoyment. It is like a sparkling wine, it is refreshing sake bubble with fruity & sweet taste.  Most of them are made from bottle fermentation so naturally carbonated by a power of yeast.  I... >>>

Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #4 Calando Kabosu Sake Calando is Japanese fruit liquor made from Kabosu fruit. Kabosu is an evergreen juicy citrus fruit closely related to Yuzu. It it is popular in Japan and often used for cooking such as mixed with vinegar or extra citrus juice for sashimi, grilled fis... >>>

Toshi Maeda's Christmas Sake Top 10 Selection - #3 CHOYA 100th Anniversary Gift Box   CHOYA started its history back in 1914. This year is CHOYA's 100th Anniversary year and glad to see its still getting stronger every year. CHOYA always trust the quality is most important than eveything and that is why... >>>

Hello, Canberra!   Good news for people who has been waiting for the quality food and sake pairimg in Canberra!   Here comes a new big surprise, it is called HOTEL HOTEL! HOTEL HOTEL is a Hotel accomodation, restaurant, bar, cinema, cafe, salon and even goverment office!   Try thi... >>>

Hello, Sydney!   Good news for people who is into the fashion. Japan's most famous retail cloth store UNIQLO is now open in Sydney CBD Mid Town!   I was invited for the opening party and enjoyed a special cocktail made from CHOYA and Sake!     It was a mix of CHO... >>>