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Hi, Sake Lovers in NSW   Last Tuesday, 16 Sep, we had Sake & Food degustation dinner at Niji restaurant in Double Bay. This event was the followed up event after the succesful first event in last March. I have picked up the different sake from the last time and Koji san, the head of kitchen at Niji, cre... >>>

Hi, Choya Lovers! Last Monday 16th Sep, i was invited for the Australia's first ever CHOYA COCKTAIL COMPITITION at the Owl House in Darlinghurst, Sydney. There were 12 professional bartenders entered from all over Sydney to win the first prize of $1000 cash and a dream of trip to Japan!   The venue... >>>

Just updating the Sake Degustation Dinner @Niji, Double Bay next week. We have sake lineup and matching food has been confirmed so here is the update.   1. Eikun Junmai Daiginjo (Kyoto)    - Scallop Carpaccio White soy, orange oil, orange zest 2. Yoshinokawa Gensen Ginjo (Niigata) - Tuna a... >>>

Dear Sake Lovers in Sydney! I am proud to annouce the Sake Degustation Dinner @Niji in Double Bay for the second time around! This event will be the last one in NSW this year. This time, we are featuring 4 premium sake & 1 shochu matching with Niji executive chef Kohji Matsuda's 5 course special creations. Mysel... >>>

Good News for dinners in South Australia!   There is a new restaurant in Hydepark called ICHITARO Dining recently grand opened. They have a beautiful interior decoration with quite effective Japanese rope formation on the wall. The room is tiny as max 25-30 seats but it gives you a good cosy atomospher just lik... >>>

Mamame is a Modern Asaian Fusion style restaurant newly opened just a few weeks ago at 460 Church St, Richmond. I went there to introduce some sake and umeshu and I tried a few of thier dishes! The head chef Channy san have a lot of experiences in Italian, Modern Australian, Japanese & Korean cuisine. The dishes are all... >>>

Once you ensure the quality of yeast is good, next stage will be the fermentaion process.  There is a massive corn shaped tank which is called Auto Fermenter. Auto Fermenter has 4 different layers in Tank. Top, Middle, Bottom and Corn - 4 layers and around 7-8 meters hight.  each of layer can have temperature... >>>

Hello,  The other day, I had a chance to visit KIRIN MEGUMI BREWERY in Adelaide South Australia. KIRIN is the No.1 beer & alcohol beverage company in Japan. In Australia, KIRIN owns LION and they produce Australian adapted Japanese Ichibanshibori First Press Beer KIRIN MEGUMI at West End Brewery in Adelaide as ... >>>

Hi, Sake Lovers Its been so cold these days down in Melbourne. However, last week, i was in Brisbane and i found out that the weather is so much warmer there compare to Melb. Even though a lot of my friends in Brisbane saying its been cold in Brisbane, but for people from Melb like me, i dont get it. Sake is good in win... >>>

Hi, Sake Lovers its getting cold these days and indeed it is time for WARM SAKE! My recommended warm sake for this winter is of course, ASABIRAKI SUIJIN JUNMAI SAKE!!  Mr. Kikuchi taught me that the best temeoarature for Suijin is 45 degrees. Bring your thermometer and check the right temperature for the right warm... >>>